Sketchbook Revival Offer

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Sketches and drawings from the personal sketchbooks of Jake Parker, beautifully scanned and preserved in digital high fidelity

$10 (Free for you!)
128 pages
PDF download

I love drawing, and I love sketchbooks. 

The sketchbook is pure. It's the ground floor for ideas. There's no thought of how to market your idea, what the intended audience is, or how this idea could possibly ever work in reality. It's just raw, artistic reactions to what your brain is firing off at the moment, captured forever in pencil and ink.

I'll take any chance I can get to peek at other artist's sketchbooks, and I'm more than happy to share mine. It is in this spirit that I'm sharing my DRAWINGS book with you!

To get your free digital copy of DRAWINGS just order one in my shop and use this code at check out: