The Antler Boy and Other Stories

For the last 13 years I’ve been working as an artist on everything from toy commercials to feature films. For 5 years I worked in feature animation on the films Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age III, and Rio. I've also written and drawn my own graphic novel series, Missile Mouse,published by Scholastic imprint, Graphix. In between all that I've drawn several short stories which I want to collect in a book.

My book is called The Antler Boy and Other Stories and all of the stories were previously published in other comic anthologies like Flight or Out of Picture. Some are out of print and it'd be hard to track them all down so I thought it’d be great to collect them all in one book.

Here are the 9 stories in the book:


Hugo Earhart - One of the first comic stories I did. It's about a boy taking on responsibilities that are a bit over his head and his rising to the task and proving himself worthy. It’s got a flying whale and cool airships; what more could you want?


The Robot and the Sparrow - A tale about the unlikely friendship of a sparrow and a robot. At its core though, it’s about losing someone you love and dealing with that.


Lucy Nova Space Explorer - Lucy gets herself in and out of trouble in two (two!) stories on strange alien worlds. These stories are also peppered with some impressive cutaway drawings of the creatures she encounters and technology she uses.


Missile Mouse: The Guardian Prophecy - Missile Mouse crash lands on a planet to find he's just the guy to help save a small village from a monster...or is he?


The Star Thrower - My irreverent take on the inspirational story of the same name.


The Antler Boy - The title story about a boy who finds out his curse might actually be more of a blessing.


Checkers - A story about a girl who just wants to play a game of checkers.


Secret of the Space Cave - Lastly I’m doing a brand new 18 page comic just for this book about a curious space explorer and a pilot-for-hire who discover a space cave that holds nothing less than the answers to life. Oh, and those answers are nothing like what our explorers expect.



Want a copy of Antler Boy for your iPad, iPhone, or computer? The PDF download is the way to go.

A collection of 9 short stories beautifully rendered and written by Jake Parker.

160 pages
Full color