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An all-ages fantasy adventure!

Wake only wants one thing: to save his mother.

Her soul was tragically trapped in a power-crystal during a raid on their homestead. The only chance to save her is to find and unlock the power of the Star Seed.

But Wake isn't the only one who wants the Star Seed. There are dark forces rising who will stop at nothing to destroy it.

Will Wake find it in time? Or will he face the same fate as his mother?




GEtting it made

What is Skyheart?

  • SkyHeart is an all-ages graphic novel inspired by my favorite movies and comics. If you liked Miyazaki's Nausicaa, Tokien's The Hobbit, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, then you just might become a fan of SkyHeart.
  • The book was written and drawn by me. I'm wrapping up colors on the book this month.
  • The entire book build will be finished in March of 2018, and shipped out in June of 2018

Product Details

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Self-Published Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 10.2 inches
  • Shipping window: June 2018

Why Pre-orders?

The SkyHeart Kickstarter ended in December of 2015 and over 2100 backers will be receiving a copy of the book once it's printed.

However, in the last two years there's been a number of people who missed the Kickstarter that would like a copy. 

The costs for getting a quality book printed can be considerable. In order to know how many books to print I need to get pre-orders from everyone who wants in on the print run. I don't want to end up with too many books and not enough buyers!

Pre-orders will be open for 2 weeks. Once they end I'll put any extra copies for sale in the shop in June. If you really want to get a copy of this book, do not miss this pre-order!


I use USPS and all domestic orders are shipped media-mail. International orders are shipped First-Class International.

I ship my books double protected; first in bubble wrap, then a sturdy cardboard case. Unless your mail is handled by a gorilla, the book will arrive in mint condition.

About the book

The Idea for SkyHeart was planted in my imagination around 2001 while on a road trip though the Arizona desert. I imagined the desert floor vanishing, leaving only an abyss of clouds with the rock formations suspended above them in the air.

From that seed of an idea grew an entire world of characters and their struggles, with mythologies, cities, and technology fleshing out the rest of this universe.

I love classic tales of adventure, of good versus evil, and struggles with real consequences. Which is why I look to films like Star Wars, Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, and Indiana Jones, and books like the Hobbit for inspiration. Just because a story is all-ages, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it as much as my kids do!


The World

SkyHeart takes place on Airth, a world literally torn apart by a pre-historic war between the gods who created it. That war left the planet divided into 4 realms:

  • The Stratos, a chain of islands high in the sky where the Sylph people live.
  • The Rimland, a massive ring of continents and giant islands where most of the inhabitants of Airth live. Wake, our main protagonist, lives here.
  • The Abyss, a stretch of atmosphere filled with incredible cloud formations and tiny floating islands. Limberg and Grimm are from here. 
  • The Core, an ocean covered rocky sphere filled with colossal caves. The Tengru, monsters and beasts, and the Dark Lord live down here.

In that great ancient war, the beings of Light were able to defeat the Shadows and banish them to the core, but not without a great cost. Losing most of their godly energy, they left Airth to search the universe for more power. Their children stayed to protect what was left of Airth from the evil trapped in the core. 

Thousands of years later these pre-historic events have become myth, and the inhabitants of Airth are consumed with their own wars for power. 

However, deep in the core, the Shadows have not forgotten, and have begun sending their agents to the surface to harvest the people of their life force. Once enough of this power has been taken the Shadows will rise again to destroy the rest of Airth and start a new world.

The Characters


Wake and his crew set off to find the Star Seed with the hopes of both saving Wake's mother, and the world of Airth. That is, if they can beat Mal Threck and his sinister tengru to it's secret location. 



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