How to Draw Everything - $50

Total Class Time: 4.5 Hours

The rebooted version! Featuring more instruction, more exercises and more Skull Chaser! This is a comprehensive course on the elements, principles, techniques, and tools of drawing.

Mastering Perspective - $75

Total Class Time: 4 Hours

Mastering this skill is absolutely essential to becoming professional in illustration. I go through fundamentals to more advance approaches to perspective drawing. 

Drawing Villains and Monsters - $40

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Learn how to draw awesome bad guys! In this class I share my techniques for designing evil characters of all kinds. 


Drawing Comics - $100

Total Class Time: 6 Hours

Thinking about drawing comics? In this course I give an overview of the industry and shows you how to make a comic book from start to finish. Ka-pow!


Light and Shadow - $30

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Ever feel like your images are a little off somehow? Well, light and shadow are often the culprit. In this class I show you the fundamentals of applying shadow and light in your work.

Posing Characters - $30

Total Class Time: 3 Hours

One skill every ilustrator needs is the ability to draw the same character from different angles in different poses, over and over again. I'll show you the tricks to keeping your characters consistent.

Drawing Animals - $20

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Drawing horses is scary! Put your fears to rest by mastering the art of drawing animals. In this video, I deconstruct principles of designing animals of all kinds.

Drawing Robots and Machinery - $40

Total Class Time: 2.5 Hours

To draw believable machines, you must first learn the anatomy of machines. In this class I teach the principles of designing machinery that actually looks functional.


How To Ink - $25

Total Class Time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

Sometimes you just want to lay down some old school ink on some plain ol' paper. In this video, I demonstrate how to take your ink skills to the next level.

Drawing Heroes - $40

Total Class Time - 2 Hours

Learn how to draw awesome good guys! This class will rescue you from weak character design and show you how your characters can save the day. 

Creative Environment Design - $100

Total Class Time: 10 Hours

Every awesome character needs an awesome world to live in! I'll show you how to design appealing and believable environments of all kinds.

How to get your First 10k Followers

Total Class Time: 1.5 Hours

If you want to make it as an artist, you need to grow your audience! I'll show you how to harness the power of social media to build your following.