DRAWINGS IV is the FOURTH installment to my DRAWINGS book series. Every January I collect the drawings, sketches, and commissions that I did the previous year and make a beautifully printed full color perfect-bound book.

It includes my entire Little Bot Inktober Run, all my Disney Bots, and a ton more. 


DRAWINGS IV: Physical Book

At 7.5x9.5 inches, it will be exactly the same size as the sketchbooks I draw in every day, and exactly the same size as DRAWINGS I, II, and III. They'll look good next to each other on a shelf.

128 full color pages

Durable softcover matte lamination, perfect bound


DRAWINGS IV: Digital Edition

Want a copy of DRAWINGS for your iPad, iPhone, or computer? The PDF download is the way to go. 

  • 128 pages
  • PDF download


DRAWINGS IV: Audio Commentary

Just like a director's commentary on a film, Jake goes through DRAWINGS IV page by page telling the story behind each drawing. Get insight into what tools Jake uses, what inspires Jake, and how he deals with creative block.

Audio only, works best with a copy of DRAWINGS IV

Listen to a sample here.

Instant download.

Duration 01:08
MP3 download