Be Nice and Have Fun


With Inktober 2019 in full swing, I thought I’d post a little reminder for you all that Inktober is just a framework to get yourself to draw better and have some fun with your art. It’s not a contest to see who the best artist is. It’s a challenge to see how much you can improve your art in a month, and to be inspired or to help inspire other artists to do the same.⁣

There's no Inktober police going around looking to shut people down if they aren't using ink or the prompt list.⁣
While it's suggested to use real ink, keep things black and white, and use the official prompt list, the spirit of the challenge is very open to people being creative in what tools they use, how they use them, and what they create.⁣

This month, if you are tempted to call someone out for not doing Inktober the way you think they should be doing it, I want you to just keep it to yourself. Use your energy to celebrate people's creativity and expression. Do like your mom taught you: "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."⁣

If at any point the challenge gets too overwhelming and you aren’t having fun, pause for a day or two. Catch your breath, and just pick up where you left off.⁣

In short: be nice, and have fun!⁣